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Friday March 17th, 2017 @ 12:09pm
Easter layout is up :) I did start it last week but I've only just got round to finishing it. I've also closed myjellybean.org. Reason being I never update there, it makes no sense having two sites when I'm hardly ever online. I'm not sure when it's due to expire but I won't be renewing that URL anyway, I'll just be sticking to this one for now.
I can't believe Oscar is almost 6 weeks old! My pregnancy dragged and now he's here it's flying by, it's scary. I'm still getting my head around the fact it's almost April!!. Christmas felt like 2 minutes ago, and now we're in Spring. I love this time of year though, we've had some beautiful weather here so I've been trying to make the most of that. I'm also back to my pre-pregnancy weight which is a massive relief. I felt like I gained so much over the months, keeping active is one hundrend times easier when the weather is nice outside.
I need some inspiration on updates for the site, I have no idea what to add. I suck at textures, psds, things like that. I was thinking maybe some free layouts but then I'm also crap at stylesheets, hence why I always end up using the lovely premade ones over at candylace. Competitions maybe? Real prizes? Hmm...I've got no idea so if you guys can think of what you'd like to see, pop your suggestions over in the cbox >> if I use your idea I'll make you a gift :)

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